A&M Publications
Art & Music Publications was founded in 2008 by Gemma de Cruz, Alfonso Iacurci, Deirdre McGinnis and David Sheppard as an independent publisher with an interest in championing grass-roots creativity across contemporary art and music scenes. The collective launched Art & Music Magazine which offered a platform to new and established writers alike. The magazine was distributed for free across London and for its third issue, relaunched as The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art & Music to coincide with the relocation of The Saatchi Gallery to The Duke of York's HQ.
Saatchi Gallery Magazine:
Art & Music
Published in-house over ten years, The Saatchi Gallery Magazine Art & Music is still the only magazine to explore the crossover unique between art and music. Edited by David Sheppard and Gemma de Cruz and designed by Alfonso Iacurci.
HIX Magazine
Published in collaboration with Mark Hix and Sophie Harriot, HIX Magazine includes contributions from William Sitwell, Dylan Jones and Mitch Tonks. Edited by Mark Hix and designed by Josh Daniels.
Taste Festival Magazine
Published in collaboration with Taste Festivals and distributed to guests at Taste of London this magazine doubled as a compendium of recipes by a number of internationally renowned chefs. Edited by Cedar Lewisohn and designed by Alfonso Iacurci.
Art & Music Books
We took the aspects of the magazine we liked best - working with non-writers to explore fresh angles on artists and musicians, as well as treating physical publications as artworks in their own right - as the starting point for a new series of limited edition books. Our aim is to follow the rich tradition of artists books, an innate interest in collecting and combine that with a luxury magazine aesthetic. Art & Music Books will revisit and expand on the best features from Art & Music Magazine, commission new long read essays and fiction by artists and musicians, bringing stories, insights and ideas to the forefront, alongside an emphasis on design.
Nothing to do But Dream:
The Early Films of Tracey Emin
This fascinating book offers a rare glimpse inside filmmaker Sebastian Sharples' personal archive — cherry picked from some 30 years of documenting the London art scene. Sharples was chief cameraman and producer for Tracey Emin from the making of her first art film in 1995 to her first feature, Top Spot (2004). This is his behind-the-lens story of how their professional relationship started and developed, focusing on his experience of working alongside Emin during her mid-'90s artworld reign. Pieced together with material from his personal archive, scavenged memories, scribbled notes and anecdotes, this book will be printed as a limited edition of 1000 copies.
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